We believe that children are naturally creative and highly divergent in their thinking to problems and solutions.

Our Core Team

Our teachers embody the ideal combination of educational expertise and diverse experience needed to create our tailored learning plan for each student in the learning community.

Wendy Naber


Wendy has over 30 years of experience in education, at all management levels in elementary schools, after schools, nurseries, and summer camps.

Wendy holds MA in Education from the University of Nottingham and a degree in English.
She also holds a certificate in Early Childhood Development and has taught classes for WISM.

She was a Principal in independent schools in Leeds and worked with underserved and low-income children as a volunteer.

Wendy has two young daughters in nursery and 5th-grade respectively.
When not in the classroom, Wendy enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time exploring with her husband and their two-year-old dog, Boomer.

Rebecca Sylvan

Lead Teacher - English & Reading

Rebecca has been teaching since 2003 and has spent most of her career in 5th to 12th Grades.

She has spent the last ten years developing the methods and curriculum that are today at the heart of our approach. A native of Bristol and a graduate of the University of Bristol, she holds a teaching credential with a concentration in English.

In the past, Rebecca has also consulted on curriculum and provided staff development in secondary schools, as well as for nationwide projects.

Personal Note:
"My goal in teaching is to give students a firm foundation in English that will serve them well in the future, and to model and inspire an appreciation for learning."

Jonathan Davies

Lead Teacher - Maths & Science

Jonathan has been teaching for 11 years, mostly running the primary school of an independent school in Kent. With an MA from the University of Kent, he has taught Maths at every level from 6th to 12th grade, as well as Science and Coding. He has also established a strong presence in the field of project-based learning and alternative assessments.

Outside of work, he loves hiking, skiing, scuba diving, baking, reading, and going to concerts, musicals, and plays. He also loves every second he gets to spend with his wife and dog.

Personal Note:
"My goal in teaching study skills is to help my students become inquisitive, responsible learners by knowing how to ask questions, examine information, and interpret scientific claims."

Our Approach

Children learn at a different pace and have different interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Learning at Brilliant Grades is individualised.

We offer one-on-one and small group sessions, creating custom learning plans for each child based on distinctive learning profiles and goals.

We offer individualised learning in all subjects for all grades, university-level courses, and more.

When it comes to academic advancement, we go far beyond simply test preparation.

We seek to enhance, and even entirely reshape how a student thinks about each subject.

Our focus is holistic, and our priority is to support child-led interests and activities. Our tutors mentor, question, and encourage.

First, we work with families to identify learning objectives and hit their goals through our 12-Point Assessment and tailored Plan of Study. Our individualised curricula form the core of the programme.

Learning involves discussion and analysis in small groups and one-on-one discussions, both formally and informally. Our students also participate in projects, experiments, lectures, creative work, art, writing, and workbooks.

For us, every student learns differently.

We carefully monitor and optimise their learning progress as each child advances, giving special attention to the unique learning style, how to effectively engage and inspire the student, and what the individual progress suggests moving forward.

Learn How We Can Accelerate Your Child’s Learning

Regardless of academic level, your child will progress through our individualised instruction; incrementally at his or her own pace.